Flutists Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart, Ellen Fisher-Deerberg, Anna Meyer, and Elivi Varga form this radiant and distinctive ensemble. Equally at home with dazzling technique as they are with lush and vibrant tone, the Lyra Ensemble performs music from all genres, for audiences of all ages.
“I recently attended a concert by the Lyra Ensemble, and I enjoyed it very much. Not only was the flute playing at an extremely high level, but the quartet members all showed a high level of humor and theatricality that made the concert rather unique, and certainly memorable. I think any music lover would enjoy one of their concerts!”
David Cramer
Associate Principal Flute, Philadelphia Orchestra
“Lyra!! Your performance of The Year of the Rabbit was amazing and frankly unbelievable for its tight ensemble and dynamic detail at a death-defying tempo. I am spoiled by hearing you take Rabbit into uncharted territory and then sharing the live performance with the world on YouTube. Your entire recital sparkled with the same polish with the quartet sounding as one voice. Bravo and thank you for bringing Rabbit to life!! “
Daniel Dorff

“The virtuosity and precision of the Lyra Ensemble make for exciting performances; the emotional nature of their playing brings lyricism and passion to every piece!”
Till MacIvor Meyn
Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition
Texas Christian University
“They played with musicality, versatility, and a joie de vivre.”
Cynthia Folio
Professor and Chair, Music Studies
Boyer College of Music, Temple University